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訪問ありがとう!書くことが大好きな中学生男子の小説ブログです ~This is Fantasy~

カテゴリ:Episode 1( 2 )

Mikazuki was amazed at how fast Toran was going.
“He’s faster than a cheetah,” she thought.
As he went along the path, he saw a market full of tents, and a lot of people looking at the things they were selling. He hesitated, and then jumped up high, landing on one of the wooden tents while controlling his weight so that the tent would not break. Then he kept walking along the tents and made it through.
He thought that he can go smoothly right to the school, but just then, a giant piece of cement fell from the sky and right in the middle of the path.
“Man, what is up with things falling out of the sky on the day I’m transferring?” he thought.
He backed up, and started charging his leg. And he flung the cement out of the way.
“Whoa…” Mikazuki thought.
Toran kept on running, but right in the middle of the path, a train with no passengers, not even an engineer came from the left. He jumped on it, taking him farther away from it. He got onto a certain type of tree and started hanging on the branch.
“Wait, what are you planning to do?” Mikazuki asked.
“Fling ourselves to the school,” Toran said. “It’ll be quick, and I can ensure our safety.”
Mikazuki decided to believe him and clutched onto him. 3… 2… 1…
The next moment was almost like flying. They were above the clouds, gliding and gliding. Toran pinpointed where the school is and stopped right in the middle of it.
“Alright, we’re going to land,” he said. “Don’t worry, you’re sa- … is that an AIRPLANE?”
They saw an airplane coming to them at great speed. The airplane then dashed right over them, causing them to blow away at great speed.
“Toran, where are we blowing to!?” Mikazuki yelled.
“I honestly have no idea!” Toran shouted.
They were hitting towards land at great speed. If Mikazuki fall to the ground from 2 miles above where they are, she will die. Toran, knowing this, tried to control himself, but the pressure was too strong for him. Therefore, he knew what he had to do. He charged his legs and focused on making the impact of hitting the ground on him. He became closer, closer, and close to the ground until…
He smacked his ready-charged legs on the ground to make the impact on him easier. He was digging through the ground with it. About a minute later, he finally stopped digging through. It was easy for him to climb up, but when he saw the crater, he was happy that nobody was close enough to be hit by that crater impact. The crater itself was larger than an asteroid from out of space.
He then realized that he only had a minute left. Using his brain, he figured out how he can make it to the school in time. He scrambled up for the nearest tree that he used to fling himself the other time. He noticed that another airplane was launching. He timed himself and got ready to launch up in the air.
“Do we have to do this again?” Mikazuki groaned. “More importantly, will we really make it to school on time?”
“Yes we will, don’t worry,” Toran answered.
He flung himself up to the air, and controlled himself until the airplane came along. Once again, Toran was hit by the force of the wind and was gliding right to the school. They had 30 seconds left, but it was enough time to make it to their class. But then, tragedy occurred.
A giant piece of cement, the one that Toran kicked out of the way came right onto him and pushed him of course. He kicked it, and it broke to pieces. Toran was happy that the cement was completely gone now, but now that the cement hit him, instead of landing safely on the school court to their classroom, he was directed to the classroom itself. Toran panicked and tried to think of a way to change his direction, but there was no time. There are only 15 more seconds before class starts. And with Mikazuki on him, it was very hard to maneuver. Toran, unable to think of avoiding hitting the classroom, got his situation worse when a piece of the cement hit Toran, which hit Toran and separated them. Toran, being pushed down by that cement, kicked it away with all his might at the last moment, and had no choice. The bell that announces that class has begun will ringing 3 seconds. 3… 2… 1…
Toran broke through the ceiling, landing right next to the door, with Mikazuki falling and landing on Toran, just as the bell rang. The class’s eyes widened, and the teacher backed away.
“Oww… I guess we made it on time though,” Toran said to Mikazuki. Mikazuki nodded as she went to her desk and Toran getting up.

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小説(ファンタジー・SF) ブログランキングへ
by ca827 | 2012-02-12 04:25 | Episode 1

It was a nice calm day on a small village called Amitaruton. Everything was great. It is like heaven to be here. Of course, that is, until chaotic things happen. You see, this isn’t a normal village. You will see what I am talking about in just a few seconds.
Just then a giant gush of wind flowed and all kinds of leaves went rolling off. There is our main character.
A brown-golden hair colored boy with a brown-golden eye color was running. He was wearing a giant robe that covered every single part of his body except for his head. It also had particular designs on it. And so begins our story.
“Fudge, I think I stayed out there too long,” He says as he ran. Suddenly, he jumped onto a tree.
“Ahh, so that’s the school I’m transferring to. It has a nice picture. I guess I’ll make it in time,” He told himself.
He jumped down the tree and started walking. “What a nice day,” he thought.
Suddenly, a giant ball twice his size rolled down a hill, right at him. He looked at it, but did not move.
“Oh god. First day of school, and suddenly this? I’m so unlucky,” He thought.
He put his right hand on the ground and started charging. And just when the ball was 20 feet away from him, he punched the wind. It sent the ball all the way to the sky.
“I probably shouldn’t use this at school though, even if I’m in danger. It poses way too much strength,” He says to himself.
He has a pulse-like power that allows him to fire a very strong condensed energy. This lets him do things ranging from sending things far away at great speed to make a severe injury. It has devastating power as well.
As he continues his way to school, he picks up a rock. He throws it at a tree. An apple came falling out of it, which he catches and eats.
He has an IQ of 12,500. However, he sometimes can’t use his brain well, causing him to sometimes act like an everyday ordinary citizen.
He eventually ends up at the 2 tallest buildings in his village, which is in the middle of where he lives and school. He walks past the first building, knowing that accidents like someone falling from a building only happens in fiction films, but when just when he is about to walk past the second one, something is falling. At first, he thought that it was a bird shot from far away (because things like that are possible in his world) but when he looks closely, it was a girl. He widens his eyes as he catches her.
When he looks closely, it is a girl with dark green hair. Something about her makes him awkward. He is 7 years old, and he has actually lost his memory 2 years ago. There are exactly 730 days in a year in his world, not including leap year. There are 24 months in a year for his world, so he has lost his memory almost exactly 48 months ago. He wonders if she had anything to do with his mysterious past. The girl slowly reveals her light green eyes and looks at him. She gasps and apologizes. And then she stares at him for a moment until he let her stand on the ground.
“Thank you for catching me. I am Akimatsu Mikazuki from Tokimachi elementary school,” She said.
“Tokimachi elementary school? That’s where I’m transferring!” he exclaimed.
“T-transferring? Then does that mean you’re… you’re Madorashiki Toran??” Mikazuki said.
“Um, yes... I am,” Toran answered.
“Wow… rumor says it true!! “ Mikazuki said.
“Rumor? What rumor?” Toran questioned.
“The rumor about the boy transferring is a handsome-looks student!” Mikazuki told him.
“Handsome? ME?” Toran said.
“Yes you, who else could I be talking to?” Mikazuki said.
“Well, you’re pretty cute too,” Toran said. “Perhaps you’re popular in the school?”
“Well, I guess boys often stare at me… so that’s could be true. But strange, I never had a boy be able to keep a straight face after I complimented them.”
“You can say that I had like… a small incident back in my lost memory that makes me sometimes feel uneasy with girls.”
They had started a conversation, and they didn’t notice that time has passed.
“Wow, I guess I have a lot more to learn from you,” Mikazuki laughed.
“Same here,” Toran said. “… Whoa, look at the time!”
“Uh oh, we’re going to be late,” Mikazuki said as she worried.
Toran sighed. “We can still make it in time.”
“How?” Mikazuki questioned. “There are only 10 more minutes and we’re still about a mile away!”
Toran grabbed her hand and started running, but Mikazuki couldn’t run as fast as he can and almost fell.
“Oh god,” Toran said as he squat down. “I’ll give you a piggyback ride to make it faster.”
Mikazuki hesitated, but told herself that there isn’t any more time. She got on Toran.
“There are 4 more minutes. We can still make it in time, just hang on to me tight,” Toran told her, and dashed across the place.

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