Aratsubasa no Densetsu


訪問ありがとう!書くことが大好きな中学生男子の小説ブログです ~This is Fantasy~

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“Ahh, but you mentioned Finn about something.”
“Yeah, when you get a certain number of people as your comrades, you’ll be transported at my order. You may have another million questions, but we can answer them as we advance.”
“Alright. One more question for now.”
“Ask away.”
“What is your universe like?”
“Mm, good thing you asked. Its currently in a savage war right now. You are the one that can guide us through this chaos.”
“I can?”
“Yes you can. You shall know the status of Aratsubasa when you get there. From now, I will be your instructor. The king gave me permission to stop being a scientist until you are in our universe, to finish the chaos.”
“A king chose me?”
“Yes he did. And I shall also train you, because dangerous things there are pretty much nothing compared to the monsters in our world.”
“I see.”
“Alright, for now, just get some food and sleep or something. We’ll start a new day tomarrow.”
“But im not hungry.”
“You didn’t eat anything yesterday. How are you not hungry?”
“I actually have no idea…”
“I know, you lost your memory. No need to rush, lets just say that you are unique.”
Toran attached the electronic device on a small chain of metal he found around the school building to make the device into a pendant. Heput it on and started walking, when It started to get dark. Just when he was trying to find a place to sleep again, he saw the tent from this morning.
“Doruta, didn’t Mikazuki come out of that tent earlier this morning?”
“Yes she did.”
“I wonder if she’s still there.”
“Just go check.”
Toran slowly approached the tent, opened the flap, and peeked inside. Mikazuki was eating something. Toran put the flap down.
“Does Mikazuki live here?” Toran said quietly.
“Hard to tell,” Doruta responded.
“Hey, how can you even tell? This is just an electronic device.”
“This may be, but with our developed technology, it works as good as a pair of mouth, ears, and eyes.”
“Wow. That’s great.”

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Everyone suddenly started whispering in a aggressive way. Some even looked at him with anger. The teacher randomly chose a seat for him, and class started.
At lunch, Toran saw Finn eating with 4 other people on one table. They all look like delinquents.
“They are the Storasto,” a voice said behind him.
“Looks like you know a ton about this school, Mikazuki,” Toran replied.
School has ended, and Toran was still wondering why Mikazuki was inside a tent.
“Finn… seems like he can be a part of your team,” a voice said from nowhere.
Toran turned around. Nobody was behind him.
“Idiot, touch your neck,” the voice said again.
Toran felt his neck. He felt a small substance and picked it up. It was a small electronic device he never seen before.
“So we finally meet,” the voice said. “The name’s Doruta. Aratsubasa kingdom’s one of the leading scientists.”
“Ara…tsubasa?” Toran questioned.
“Yes, Aratsubasa. The kingdom which will change your life.” Doruta said firmly.
“Change my life,” Toran repeated “… Change my life? How?”
“When you gather a certain amount of people, you will basically be transferred there.
“Transferred? Without permission?”
“Yes, this is your fate.”
“Why are you even on my neck in the first place?”
“Remenber when a small piece of that giant block of cement hit right onto you?”
Toran thought for a moment. He suddenly remembered, how it hit at him, making him lose his control and smacking right onto the school.
“Yes I do,” Toran replied.
“I was inside that cement, and when It hit you, the device landed directly on you.”
“And that’s the reason why I get my life changed.”
“No, how many times do I have to tell you? This is your fate. This is fated to happen from the very beginning of your life.”
“Wow. So you’re from the Aratsubasa kingdom.”
“Yes I am, and still am in the kingdom.”
“Say, where is Aratsubasa anyways?”
“I’ll tell you this, its not in this world.”
“Then where is it?”
“Its in another galaxy… no wait, universe.”
“Universe? Isn’t there only one universe in the history?”
“There are mutiverses I tell you… At least its been scientifically proven in our universe.”
“Wow. And how will I get to the place exactly?”
“You’ll find that out later.”

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Millions of tacks, nails, and screws when flying towards Toran like the rain. Toran managed to dodge all of them. Finally, he opened the classroom’s window and jumped out of there, regardless of if its at the 2nd floor, and came out safely. What he was surprised about is that the student made it out safely too. With great accuracy, one of the screws actually hit his hand. He darted behind the storage room, where he didn’t find him. His hand was bleeding a little. He took off the screw and looked at the blood spreading through his dark gloves. He had no choice but to use the Alaston, to finish this. Right when he was about to go to the student though, he saw Mikazuki. He figured that he might hit her, so he waited until she entered the school building. Then, he popped out from the storage room and started charging. And just as the tacks and screws flew onto him, in let out a huge gust of force which blew all the screws out of control and blew the person away until he hit a tree.
Toran came up to him and looked at him. He has a strong will and aura surrounding him.
“Wonder what I should do now,” Toran thought.
“Hey isn’t it Finn over there?” Mikazuki’s voice shouted behind him.
“Finn?” Toran asked.
“Yeah, Finn. He’s one of the Storasto, or the top 5 Delinquents of this school. Its known that they all have some power that nobody else can use.”
“Then that means.. the tacks and screws..” Toran wondered.
“Mm… I think that Finn had the skill of sharp objects or something,” Mikazuki said.
“Ahh, I knew it,” Toran said. He looked at the tree again. “Hey, where’s Finn?”
“I have no idea.. Wait, its almost time for the class to start. Lets go!” Miakzuki said cheerfully, running as her long, green hair, each tied into small portions flowed and her tiara-like halo made out of leaves blanced perfectly onto her head.
Toran smiled. It wasn’t always when you can see a girl so cheerful. But then again, thoughts flew around his head. Why was she in a tent? Pushing that thought aside, Toran rushed to the classroom.
“Alright everyone, class is starting so you know what to do!” Miss Kasahara said as she walked in.
Toran took their seats like everyone else has done.
“Okay everyone, we have a new classmate today. He is a friend from another class. I’m pretty sure you all know him. He is somewhat popular, and I overhear some of you talking about him. Come inside!” Miss Kasahara said happily.
A guy that looks like as if he just hit a tree came. Toran suddenly realized who he is. Gray hair, dark cold eyes.. He’s Finn!
Everybody in his class started shivering. One even got up, told the teacher, that he had to go to the bathroom, and ran out the door while sweating.
“Are the Storasto that bad?” Toran thought.
“Hello everyone, my name is Genmatsu Finntorino,” Finn said darkly. “Pleased to meet you, and you can call me Finn.”

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“Another day of school,” Toran thought as he walked past the grassy plain. “I wonder how long this peace will last.”
As he was walking, he saw a tent over a park. He walked over to it, thinking who would live inside a tent on a park. Just then, someone was crawling out of it. Someone with green hair, green eyes, a good smile.. Isn’t that Mikazuki?
Toran just stared at her as she crawled out of it, stood up, and yawned. But before she saw him, he dashed away, leaving no trace.
“I just saw Mikazuki, right?” Toran thought. “Either that, or my mind’s playing tricks on me. Its like as if she doesn’t have a home, like me.”
The class was getting ready for lessons, ready to take notes. Their peace and quiet was ruined, however, when a guy entered the class. Everybody backed away from him in fear. He walked all the way to Toran’s desk. He stared at it for a moment, and got a needle and a hammer from nowhere. He wa about to do something when Toran broke in the classroom and hit right onto him.
“Sorry!” Toran apologized as he stood up. But when he looked at the class, he knew something as wrong. Everyone was backing away with fear as if he has done something awful that he was oblivious to. When he looked at the person he bumped into, he saw a man with gray hair and dark, cold eyes. The man stood up and looked at him furiously. He threw screws at him which Toran avoided which success.
“Where in the world did you get those screws and nails?” Toran questioned while avoiding them
“None of your business!” The student yelled.
“Well, considering you’re throwing them at me holding a hammer in your other hand, I think it is my business,” Toran spoke sarcastically.
“Shut up!” The student yelled out.
“Geez, what a crabby student,” Toran thought.

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Toran felt both complimented and insulted at the same time. He is not used to being called ‘good-looking’.
Soon, everyone left to their classes, except for Mikazuki and the principal.
“Well, I’ll see you later, Toran!” Mikazuki said with a smile.
“Okay, bye,” Toran replied.
Toran looked towards the principal. He sat down on the ground, so he did too, next to him.
“Did you want to talk to me?” Toran asked.
“Yes I did,” Mr. Akura said. “Do you know what Ryokusenkai is?”
Toran wondered for a moment. It felt like he heard that somewhere, and yet, he cant remember at all. “Not exactly.”
“Well, I’ll tell you. Ryokusenkai is a unique type of power you can use as a form of either attack or defence. You just saw me use it, and you used one yourself.”
Toran looked at the large hole on the ground. He felt rather guilty than worrying about him using it.
“You can use the power using Alaston, which is a special type of force. If you can completely master it, the destruction force will be strong enough to wipe out the whole village here… No, the whole continent of where we are right now. It si a skill I admired, and used 40 years of my life to achieve the lowest level of Alaston, level 1. When I sensed your force in the school, I felt something awkward, and I realized what it was now. You are born with the highest level of Alaston. Tell me, since when were you able to use Alaston?”
“Since I was born.”
“Wow. And you’re only 7 years old. I’ll tell you this: Alaston is NOT a power you can use anywhere. If you can’t control the force, you may release enough force to destroy something you don’t want to destroy. You are born with the highest level of Alaston, level 10. I can tell that in about 2 weeks, you won’t even need to charge to use Alaston, just like me.”
“I didn’t know that the power I had was so special… I’ll be careful when using it and I’ll train so I can control it and master it! Don’t worry!”
“I like your spirit and willingness. A man with a bright future like you will surely master ti and sue it for good purposes. I wish you luck!”
“Thank you, Mr. Akura!”
As he walked away, I thought about it.
“Alaston, eh? I finally know what the name of this power is. I don’t know what I should do after mastering it, I guess I’ll make some friends and vow to protect them at all cost! And that includes Mikazuki.”
He smiled as he walked back to school.
Later that day, he fixed the roof, even though the teacher told me that he shouldn’t worry so much about it.
As he walked out of the school, due to some circumstances, he didn’t have a home. But as he walked past one of the houses, I heard the TV on.
“We have found a big crater on the east side of Amitaruton, where nobody lives. There is no official traces on who did it. Earlier this morning, We have also heard of a boy and a girl flying from an air pilot. We do not know if those 2 people have anything to do with what has happened to that crater. Police are currently investigating this, trying to find out what did they do this for. Is there a specific meaning to all this?”
Toran felt guilty, but there wasn’t anything he could do right now. Hopefully, the police will give up, because he knew that they won’t find him, and Mikazuki as well. He walked over to a tree, and sat there. He wasn’t hungry or thirsty, and therefore, just slept there.
“This is going to be interesting.” Toran thought.

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